• November 14, 2019

Running a business in the modern world is a truly fun experience. Gone are the days where we could only set up locally and within a small space of land that we could run. Today, we can run massive businesses via the internet – even in countries that we do not live in. For example, Singapore is a major business hub for many people in the Asian business sector. Many businesses choose to start-up in Singapore as they see it as easily accessible, modern, and brilliant for forming new business relationships.

If you would like to do that, though, you need to go about company registration in Singapore the right way. As you may be aware, to trade in Singapore you will need to have set up your business to do so here. That means going through the company registration process and doing it correctly. However, for many people who are not from Singapore, it could be almost impossible to install the entire business structure legally without outside assistance.

For example, the majority of people who want to build a business in Singapore will need help with deciding the overall business structure.

Why does my business structure matter?

For one, you need to let the government know about what kind of business you are. Will you be a publicly-traded business that can have shares sold? Or will it be a private, limited company? The choice is yours. However, weighing up the pros and cons and the suitability of each option for your own business is very important. Doing that alone, though, can be tough.
With the help of a service set up to help you with company registration in Singapore, this can be much easier to deal with moving forward. You should look to bring help because it’s so easy to make mistakes with choosing your company structure. Many people don’t really understand the pros and cons of each – that is why expert help is useful.

This is going to help you define the business and ensure that it can be set up in a manner that will satisfy the government of Singapore. This is very important, as a failure to set up your business in relation to the regulations in front of you will often lead to problems with making sure you can run your business without any issue.

What do I need to consider?

While we will often cover this with you in a meeting, the first thing that you will be sure of is that you must have two roles filled. You will need to have a Director, and you will need to have a Company Secretary. The first is easy enough; you often don’t need to have someone who is based in Singapore to be a Director. So long as they are agreeable to being part of the business, almost anyone who is not barred from directorship could take on this role.
However, the problem stems when you need to go about hiring a Corporate Secretary. Alongside having the skills to do the job, they need to be a resident within Singapore. That is why we recommend that you look to pick out someone who you can trust to do the job for you. Do you know anyone in Singapore who could do this for you?

The likelihood is that if you are not from the country, the answer is likely to be no. We recommend then that if you are not able to do this on your own that you bring in some help from someone who you can trust. This means investing some time into hiring the right people, choosing someone who you know will do the job in a way that you know is legitimate.

After all, forming a business in Singapore is all about making sure that you can prove your legitimacy. If you are unable to find someone to do this task for you, then you will need to hire someone who can help you out. Luckily for you, we provide expert advice when it comes to finding corporate secretarial services in Singapore, meaning you can start your business right away.

Why can I not just do this myself?

While that’s a fair question, the answer is quite simple: the law requires you to follow this regulation. While you might wish to only have yourself as part of the company, it’s expected that you can be transparent enough to show off more to the government in terms of information that they expect. Given the trade opportunities and the benefits of having a business in Singapore, it is worth the effort.
Besides, you only need to speak to us about help with company registration in Singapore. We can help you to find the right people to handle every aspect of making your business possible. From giving you access to comprehensive expertise via company registration advice to acting as your corporate secretary, we have many roles that we can fulfill on your behalf.

If you wish to benefit from the thriving Singaporean business scene, then it makes sense to take these rules seriously. While setting up a company on your own could be done, the roadblocks and the confusion that can arise from doing so will often lead to needless confusion. We’d like to help you avoid that confusion as soon as possible.

Don’t make Singapore company registration harder than it has to be

Just like setting up in any other country, setting up in Singapore can feel like a real log jam. We recommend that you take the time to look closely at what you can and cannot achieve at this present point in time. If you feel like you are unable to achieve any part of company registration in Singapore, then you should contact us today.

We can make it easier for you to grasp the importance of following the registration requirements in the last letter. For more help in adhering to the law so that you can benefit from Singaporean business, contact us today.