• December 17, 2019

As a business owner, it’s easy to feel as if you have everything under control. When you are running your business, you probably feel as if you need to do everything. Being a business owner does not mean having to take on everything and anything on your own. In fact, it’s the total opposite!

Running Singapore business incorporation should be a point of pride for you. What should not be a point of pride for you is taking on tasks you are not suited to. For example, let’s take a look at your books and your accounts. There are many affordable accounting firms in Singapore who can help you out. Hire one of them, and you can often solve just about any issue that you have. Many times though, a business owner will choose to simply do everything on their own with the books.

Don’t let your pride slow your business down

By hiring bookkeeping services in Singapore, you are simply using expertise to your advantage. Think about it – if you were to go about painting your business, would you do it yourself? No!

You would hire a painter to come in and do the job for you. Why? Because a painter will put in 100% to do it professionally. They know how to avoid bare patches, bad reactions, and visual damage to your walls. They know how to do the project safely. Well, why should your books be any different?

Hiring an accountant in Singapore makes a lot of sense. It’s like hiring an expert for anything else you do. You wouldn’t take on too many tasks outside of your natural comfort zone. So, why would you do it with something as important as your bookkeeping?

Accuracy is essential

The main reason you should hire help for your books is quite simple: avoiding mistakes is so, so important. If you are someone who is looking to help avoid making a mistake on their accounts, you need help. Your untrained eye could easily overlook a particular part of the process. It could see you miss a rogue decimal point or anything like that.

The end result is always the same though, mistakes that cost you time and money. With an accountant, you can get the problem dealt with without making a single mistake. Does that not sound useful?

Stop wasting your valuable time

You are the owner of a business, so you should be arguably working less, not more. Delegation is not a bad thing – it allows you to do the job you are best at. Say your main bonus to the business is your PR and promotional skills. Why should you be spending valuable PR time dealing with your books?

Hire someone to do it for you, and you can use your time far more effectively. You will absolutely shock yourself at just how much more you can get done if you choose to invest in the right help. This allows you to spend your time more methodically. It means getting more done and ensuring that your business can benefit from the decisions that you make. That’s why you should never take the risk when it comes to doing your books on your own.

The more time that you waste doing them on your own is a time you could be using more productively. And if you make a mistake, you will have wasted both time and money in getting the problem to solve. Why not just hire the expert from the first day instead?

Don’t put it on your staff

While you might not do your books on your own, you might leave it to a member of staff. Unless they are a fully trained and qualified accountant, this is not advisable at all. If you go with a non-registered accountant, you have absolutely no avenue of support should their work prove to be incorrect.

Hire an accountant, and you can avoid asking your staff to do things that are broadly outside of their skills remit. Just as you want to spend more time doing what you are good at; your staff should have the same opportunity. So, make sure that they are not having their valuable office time used up. It means that you can let them get on with the job they are best at, while you work on the job you are best at. Everyone wins, and you avoid making any mistakes with your books!

Spend less on your business

When you use bookkeeping services in Singapore, you are hiring someone who can do the job for you in a fraction of the normal time. They can do the books fast, they can do them accurately, and they can help you to see where and when you are spending more than you should be. This is why we fully recommend that you look to spend less on your business as soon as you can.

With the right bookkeeper, you can avoid spending too much on something that really shouldn’t cost you so much anyway. That’s why you should never hold off hiring someone good to do your books. Every year that you waste spending time doing your books on your own is time and money you could be saving.

Don’t think of the cost of hiring a bookkeeper; think of the benefits of their expertise.