• November 18, 2019

Moving to Singapore is often an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to enjoy a high quality of life in a unique part of the world. With a very laid back way of doing things; Singaporean life can suit many people who want to enjoy both professional pleasure and personal progress. If you are looking to move to Singapore, though, you often cannot just turn up and start a business or get a job. Instead, you might need to get an employment pass.

Known to many as an e-pass in Singapore, the employment pass is given to eligible candidates who can suit the criteria. Only those who are suitable for the enrollment process will even be considered. As such, it pays to make sure that any employment pass in Singapore offering made to you are genuine, and to ensure that they can meet up with the various regulations that you must meet to get a pass.

When it comes to getting your hands on an employment pass in Singapore, there are several things that you need to think about. Here are some of the major considerations that come into account to get you employment pass.

Do you have a job offer?

Alright, so the first and most important part of getting an employment pass in Singapore is making sure you have an offer. As the name implies, an e-pass in Singapore is given out to those who have a job lined up. You cannot turn up without an available job being offered to you and get an e-pass. You need to show that you are going to be landing a position that is suitable to you and is actually part of the skills that you have.

This is a big reason why many people fail to get e pass in Singapore. They turn up and don’t have the right kind of historical credentials to land what they need to get a place in the country. As such, you should always ensure that you have a genuine job offer on the table before beginning.

You will have a specific role

At the same time, you will not get an e-pass if you are coming for a non-specialist job. Most of the time, you will need to have landed a role in either a managerial or executive position. You could also land it as a specialist in your field; though what would and would not be considered a specialist is often up for debate from industry to industry.

Make sure that you only turn up to try and get your employment pass in Singapore if you know that this is more than entry-level position. You will not get access to the pass if you are trying to move here for anything other than a role with very particular and specific requirements.

Keep that in mind, otherwise you can find it much harder to suit the criteria laid out for you when you first sign up.

You must earn a certain salary

While putting an arbitrary cap on how much you should be earning might feel demeaning, it is the case when you are going for an employment pass in Singapore. You will need to show that the role you are being offered will be capable of paying you $3,600 per month or more. If you are a more experienced applicant, though, this figure could actually continue to go up. Keep that in mind, as you might find that you will need to have more money available on a salary basis – most of the time, though, a $3,600 threshold is the cut-off point.

We recommend that you think about this before you enroll. Even a salary of $3,500 is not enough; it must be at or above the rate of $3,600. That is why we recommend that you always double-check the salary on offer before progressing.

Are you skilled or educated?

The other thing to ensure is that you can showcase either a suitable education or proof of a specialist skill. For example, years of practical working expertise is more suitable than many qualifications – but you should always look to show that you are fully qualified to be taking part in the first place.

Without that issue, you should find it much easier to show to the people in charge that you are suitable for joining up. The program will often limit people without a strong educational or working background, though, so please ensure that you are honest with everything that you put down at this stage.

A lack of education is a major drawback when you are applying for a role. Given the needs to get an e pass in Singapore, though, that should come as little surprise; the bar is set very high here.

Is it worth me signing up for an employment pass in Singapore?

Of course, you might already feel as if you would not be suitable. If you know that your education or your job offerings are not enough to get an e-pass, then you should keep looking. Remember that you could always use the MOM Self Assessment Tool to work out if you would be suitable for the application in the first place. This can help you to save valuable time.

Of course, if you think that you would like to push for an employment pass anyway then you have many options to pick from. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you can, and we can take a closer look at what is available – and what is not – to you. We can quickly evaluate where you might be going wrong so that you can make a decision about applying or not that is right for you.

We highly recommend that you think it over and decide for yourself if you believe that signing up is the right choice for you. The benefits of having an e-pass, though, are extraordinary; that’s why we always recommend talking to us about how you could get involved.