• September 7, 2020

According to CNA Singapore, the foreign skilled manpower constitutes approximately a quarter of Singapore’s 2.7 million populations. Singapore keeps recruiting more and more foreign skilled workers to fill the shortage of supply. Besides, the flourishing business environment of Singapore provides foreigners with amazing job opportunities. That’s why employment pass is a crucial step towards getting into Singapore for any kind of job. You can say it’s the key to enter, stay, and work in Singapore. In this blog, we will take an insight into the details of the employment pass (also knows as E pass).

1) What is E pass?

Foreign professional employees, directors, owners, and managers of Singaporean companies need an employment pass or work visa. This pass is issued by the Singapore ministry of manpower. Through this employment pass, the foreign professional can easily travel in and out of the country and also they do not require new visas. After 1 to 2 years, the validity of this pass will end then foreigners must renew the pass for up to 3 years. These pass holders are eligible for Singapore permanent residence.

2) Who is eligible for E pass?

When you apply for the employment pass, the ministry of manpower requires the foreign workers to pass the following eligibility criteria:
• You have a job position in any company in Singapore
• Your job can be of a particular role, director, manager, owner, or the executive
• Recent graduate candidates must have a salary of S$3900 and those who have a higher experience should have higher incomes.
• Foreigners who are applying for employment pass have a degree from a recognized university, qualifications, and skills.
• For senior-level management and skill jobs, additional documents must be required.

3) Requirements for Employment Pass in Singapore

Following documents are required to get an employment pass in Singapore:

  •   ✔ Completed application of EP with approval from the company
  •   ✔Copies of candidate’s updated resume
  •   ✔ Candidate’s educational certificates
  •   ✔ References from the previous employees
  •   ✔ Passport size photograph that was taken in the last 3 months
  •   ✔ Copy of passport pages with personal detail of candidate
  •   ✔ Detail of the company’s current business profile
  •   ✔ A detailed description of the candidate’s business profile
  •   ✔ Description of the products and activities done by the Singapore company

4) Procedure to apply for E pass

You can apply for employment pass through post or online. Sindost does not accept any manual post due to COVID 19. These requirements are necessary for online application:

  •   ✔ For E pass you must give the written agreement to the sponsor of MOM
  •   ✔ Application form, all the updated documents, and the application fee all are submitted to sponsor through myMOM portal.

This process is usually done in 3 weeks but sometimes it takes much more time. You can check your application status through the website after the 3 weeks.

5) What if the employment pass expires?

You can renew your E pass within six months before the expiry date and also you can renew your pass when you get renewal forms by post, 3 months before the expiry date. Employers and employment agents will renew your employment pass. This pass is valid for up to 3 years and this validity is not affected by the validity of the passport. The cost for each renewal is S$225. This process usually takes 3 weeks when you are applying online but by post, it takes 8 weeks for renewal.

6) Can you cancel your E pass?

Yes, you can cancel your E pass in Singapore. If the employee wants to leave the job, you must need to cancel the employment pass within one week of notice or 1 day after the employment pass expires. A designated employment agent or employing company can cancel your employment pass at any time. But before canceling the employment pass, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  •   ✔ You must have a tax clearance from the revenue authority of Singapore.
  •   ✔ You must have clear all the employment issues such as paying for the salary.
  •   ✔ Buy an air ticket to send the employee to his country, to his city until he agrees in agreement to bear the expenses.

7) Can you bring your family with your E pass?

An employment pass holder can bring his family to Singapore if he has a monthly salary of S$6000 minimum. For this purpose, the candidate submits applications to each family member. To the unmarried children below 21 years or married spouses, these dependent passes are granted. On Dependent Passes and also have a salary od S$6000 minimum is necessary to bring your common lawful spouses. Children under 21 years. These children must include steps as well as handicapped children. If you want to bring your parents, then you must have a salary of S$12000 and a long term visit pass will be issued.

8) Difference between Employment pass and work permit

The main differences between the employment pass and work permit are:
a) Destination: E pass is actually for foreign professionals, managers, and owners who are highly paid and highly educated and start a new career. While work permits are for the unskilled workers who came from certain approved Asian countries.

b) Salary: Employment pass must have a minimum salary requirement while work permits will not have salary limits because this visa is for unskilled manpower. Work permit visa s different from other visas as it contains restrictions.

c) Nationality: E pass is available for all the nations of the world. The government of Singapore doesn’t need any kind of specific nationality. The work permit is issued to certain approved Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and South Korea.